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Gain It In, with our absolutely amazing range of gainer products! Add them to your cart but beware - they’re too good! You won’t be able to resist once you start taking them!

Other Essentials

Ever wanted too many benefits in just one supplement? We granted your wish! Choose our Multi-Vitamin supplements which our so versatile with benefits that’ll you won’t need anything else!


Our protein range is for the mighty! It is a great product for those who are looking for that one go to supplement! It’s scrumptious, it’s powerful - everything that you’re looking for!


Muscle Nutrition has been established in 2018 with sports nourishment supplements that are explicitly centered around Indian client needs and tunes in to their daily lifestyle.

Muscle Nutrition's mission is to give a solid wellspring of information and logically demonstrated health enhancements best in class to help our Indians clients succeed at their wellbeing and fitness objectives.

We are passionate about creating supplements for muscles that are created sustainably and are effective, without any harmful side effects.

Muscle Nutrition sets the norm in the supplement enhancement industry by demanding truth in marking, fixing security, and item intensity, all while staying on the front line of nourishing science.

Muscle Nutrition supplements have been clinically tried throughout short periods in various examinations to definitively demonstrate their adequacy and safety, so you do not need to worry about anything, at all!




Our products are enriched with whey and they help with muscle growth and even helps reduce blood pressure!

Milk Protein

Our products are enriched with milk protein and it helps your body to maintain a healthy weight and strength your bones!

Sunflower Oil

Our products are enriched with sunflower oil that helps improve immunity, promotes healthy heart rate and even improves digestion!

Soya Oil

Our products are enriched with soya oil that
helps improve bone health & even
promotes skin

Cocoa Powder

Our products are enriched with cocoa powder that helps to lower the risks of heart attacks, lowers down high blood pressure and even improves diabetic symptoms!


Our products are enriched with barley and it helps reducing cholesterol levels and regulates digestion!


Our products are enriched with glycerin & it keeps your skin hydrated and nourished!